Our commitments

…reflect our values !

We cling to our values : customer satisfaction, food safety which we achieve through the commitments we have settled.

Carefully selested supplies.

The selection of our meats and spices remains one of the foundations of the Berni quality charter. Our raw materials meet precise requirements.

Controlled traceability

From the raw material to the finished product, traceability checks are carried out at each stage of production. In order to ensure optimum conditions of safety and hygiene, strict procedures have been put in place.

Quality as guidance tool

Committed to customer satisfaction and consumer safety on a day-to-day basis, Berni is IFS-level certified, , which ensures high quality and safe food safety. The workshops are designed and equipped to ensure maximum safety. Metal detectors are installed on each line.

Involved and qualified teams

As a family company, Berni attaches priority to management and team safety. Continuous training, participation in decision-making, transmission of know-how, and a culture of excellence all contribute to a strong sense of belonging and an exceptional level of investment and loyalty.
According to the equal pay index of 2020, Berni achieved a score of 94/100.

Listening to our customers

Berni has managed to maintain flexibility in its structure, which allows us to guarantee a high responsiveness and a perfect adaptation to the different demands and expectations of our customers. For years, the company has been committed to providing quality products at the right price.

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